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Schedule your Appointment with him Dr. Danilo Velandia to be able to provide you with information and guidance about our Procedures. All the necessary information will be explained to you from: how to prepare for surgery, what will happen to you at the Clinic or Hospital, how you should take care of yourself at the end of the Procedure, as well as the changes that must occur in your lifestyle.

Testimonials from our patients

I broke my left rotator cuff while falling. I tried to put up with it for almost a year with medications, physical therapy and basically it didn't help . I was scheduled for surgery elsewhere. I did not like the atmosphere, so I looked for another opinion. I am happy to have done it !! all nursing staff, ambulatory surgical units, postoperative care and now the final results: I have no pain I have a full range of motion, I have strength and continue to develop it while following a very detailed therapy regimen. I can only recommend Dr.. Danilo Velandia and elite staff, professional, personal, warm and friendly.

Camila cardenas Orthopedics and Traumatology Patient

I am so impressed and grateful for the care that Dr.. Danilo, that every time I get a chance to give a positive review, I can not resist! The level of care he provides far exceeds that of any other doctor I have ever seen. I am so impressed. He patiently explained every detail of the treatment plan for my broken Knee to me and really took the time to listen and answer all the questions I had.. If I ever have to refer someone I know to an orthopedic surgeon, I will insist that they see Dr.. Danilo Velandia. There is no one else I would turn to if I needed one again. Thank you Dr. Danilo for the great care you have given me!

Raul Cespedes Orthopedics and Traumatology Patient

I have seen Dr.. Danilo Velandia a couple of times in Bogotá and I'll be back, it's been great so far. No pressure to rush to surgery, great advantage. Gives good information and options from the first day to the surgery process. All staff are friendly and helpful highly qualified, He has been the most proactive and helpful medical person I have dealt with and I am really very happy. Your diligence has made sure you get the help you need, and it even helped me avoid forgetting things. Thank you very much indeed! I am very happy with my visits with him. Highly recommended Dr. Danilo Velandia and his team of professionals!

Pedro Mutis Orthopedics and Traumatology Patient

My experience as a patient of Dr.. Daniel has been extremely positive. Performed surgery on my right shoulder, completely relieving my symptoms. He patiently listened to my concerns, answered my many questions and provided insightful information, but not too technical. The doctor. Danilo made himself available both before and after my surgery to address my pre-surgery nerves and my post-surgery expectations.. He was always professional, patient and attentive. I feel very lucky that when I could no longer suffer with the symptoms, my husband, who recommended me to Dr.. Danilo Velandia.

Maria lopez Orthopedics and Traumatology Patient

After playing competitive soccer for several years, I broke my anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus. I was very nervous about the long process of surgery and recovery really is a life changing process, I thought I would lose everything since sport is my life and my passion, but Dr.. Danilo Velandia was very helpful, informative and reassuring, he really knew how to handle the situation. My surgery went smoothly and my recovery went according to plan. The doctor. Danilo was present every step of the way and showed his medical competence, as well as his natural compassion, Thank you very much and very grateful, I have been able to continue with my day to day.

Andres Perea Orthopedics and Traumatology Patient

    Our specialties

    Knee Joint Replacements

    Surgery with modern concepts and the highest technical specifications aimed at obtaining the best results. Knee replacement, is a surgery in which damaged surfaces are removed (bone, cartilage, menisci, ligaments) and are exchanged for anatomical metallic and polyethylene components. Its main objective is to improve pain, joint mobility and function. It is a surgery that has a direct impact on mobility and gait, improving the quality of life of patients, allowing them to do activities that they had stopped doing due to joint pain.

    Shoulder Joint Replacements

    Shoulder replacement allows to regain quality of life, impaired by years of pain and limited movement due to osteoarthritis. The surgery consists of replacing it with a metal and polyethylene prosthesis, damaged joint surface. Its main objective is to improve pain, joint mobility and function. It is a surgery that has a direct impact on mobility , improving the quality of life of patients, allowing them to do activities that they had stopped doing due to joint pain.

    Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

    Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique. In which the surgeon has the ability to diagnose and treat knee problems. Through small incisions, a lens connected to a camera is inserted to view the joint on a high-definition monitor. With thin instruments that are inserted through additional small incisions, different types of interventions can be performed to treat injuries.
    • Menisci. • Anterior cruciate ligament. • Posterior cruciate ligament. • Cartilage. • Multiligamentary. • Patellofemoral pathology.

    Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical procedure done to examine or repair the tissues in or around the shoulder. of the. Because the incisions it requires are very small, recovery is faster than with traditional surgery (open) It is a shoulder surgery technique to evaluate and intervene a joint with minimal invasion.

    Knee surgery

    Knee surgery allows by medical and / or surgical means the relief of your diseases, supported by cutting edge technology, Innovative techniques such as minimally invasive surgery are used, making corrections to structural abnormalities that cause knee pain.

    Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder surgery allows by medical and / or surgical means the relief of your diseases, supported by cutting edge technology, Innovative techniques such as minimally invasive surgery are used, making corrections to structural abnormalities that cause shoulder pain.

    Sports Traumatology

    It has to do with the prevention of injuries resulting from physical exercise. For this, a preseason evaluation is taken into account, which is done before the individual engages in a sporting activity and coordinates the design of specific prophylaxis protocols, which include cardiopulmonary conditioning programs, training and muscle strengthening, as well as stretching.

    Joint Replacements

    Joint replacement surgery is recommended for patients who have tried non-surgical treatment but are still experiencing joint pain. Although it is a very effective surgical treatment, total joint replacement should be the last treatment option, not the first, for patients with advanced hip arthritis, knee or shoulder.

    Reconstructive Knee Surgery

    Surgical techniques for repairing damaged knees have made great strides in recent decades, and many elite athletes recover and go on to excel after sustaining an injury that, A few decades ago, would have ended his career.

    Shoulder Reconstructive Surgery

    Reconstructive shoulder surgery consists in offering those patients who suffer from pathologies in this joint, different treatments that can range from, open reduction plus fixation with fracture osteosynthesis materials.

    Rotator cuff repair

    Rotator cuff repair is surgery to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder. This procedure can be done with a large incision ("open") or with a shoulder arthroscopy, which uses smaller incisions.

    Knee fracture

    A knee fracture occurs when one of the bones that make up this joint fractures or breaks.. The bones that are part of the knee are the femur, tibia and fibula and patella. The bones of the knee joint are from the thigh (femur), lower leg (tibia and fibula) and the kneecap.

    Patella fracture

    Patella fracture requires immediate attention, mainly due to causing acute and intense pain and functional disability of the joint more than significant. Other common symptoms are knee inflammation, feeling popping and abnormal mobility.

    Proximal Tibial Fracture

    Proximal tibial fractures (Tibial Cymbals) They can compromise the joint, cartilage, menisci or ligaments. Tibial plateau fractures usually present with knee effusion, swelling of the soft tissues of the knee and inability to bear weight. The treatment is surgical with the help of fixation devices and techniques such as arthroscopy to treat additional injuries..

    Shoulder fracture

    Treatment of a shoulder fracture (proximal humerus) depends on multiple factors, such as the fracture line, the degree of osteoporosis of the patient, your activity level, the state of the stabilizing structures of the shoulder, etc. Even when all these parameters are clear, there is some discrepancy among healthcare professionals when determining the best treatment method.


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    Dr Danilo Velandia Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

    Traumatology and orthopedics

    Doctor Danilo Velandia Leon

    What is Traumatology and Orthopedics?

    It is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to the study of injuries to the locomotor system. The specialty is medical-surgical, and the doctors who practice it are called traumatologists or orthopedic surgeons.

    What does Traumatology and Orthopedics cover?

    Its scope extends beyond the field of traumatic injuries; covers the study of congenital or acquired diseases that affect the locomotor system, especially those that require surgical treatment, prosthesis or orthosis.

    What is the Field of Action of Traumatology and Orthopedics?

    Traumatology deals with traumatic spinal injuries, Knee, Shoulders and other extremities that affect: Bones: fractures (femur fracture, humerus fracture, Colles fracture), epiphysiolysis, etc. Ligaments and joints: sprains, dislocations, traumatic arthritis, etc. Muscles and tendons: fibrillar breaks, hematomas, bruises, tendinitis, etc.

    Traumatologist Orthopedist